20+ Best Test Management Tools Free And Paid Aug 2022 Update

Zephyr Squad is the most widely utilized test management solution that works directly inside Jira . It allows us to oversee the test coverage, execution and outcome by providing us with a detailed dashboard for tracking quality assurance activities. Its primary function would be to gather the execution data from both manual and automated cases, i.e, log data on whether the test case passes or fails. The tools are sorted in the order we added the tools to the list and/or when the tools were suggested to us. If you would like to suggest another tool for the list, please let us know! Also see our list of the best Jira test management tools and the best exploratory testing tools.

It enables you to check the instant status of your automated tests. This test management tool ensures that your product meets all your requirement. It is a constant testing stage for Agile and DevOps groups that empowers groups to team up on a concept, test code consistently, and create documentation from real-time in-depth insight. It is utilized by more than twenty-five thousand consumers located in a hundred and forty nations.

A good test management software should provide robust tools to test every component of the testing cycle meticulously. Easy integration with popular testing tools like Selenium, Rally et. This application enables you to measure software development progress. Panaya Test Dynamix is a smart test management platform for ERP & Business Applications that reduces your test cycles by 85% and accelerates digital transformation with zero risk.

List of test management tools

Very adaptable, with cloud-put together or with respect to start installation choices. The pipeline of CI or CD incorporations with tools like TravisCI, Jenkins, Shippable, Bamboo, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Equipped with dashboards of DevOps and cutting-edge Analytics. Optional choices in data center deployment, server, and cloud. Was designed with a waterfall approach in mind, not a fit for Agile/DevOps approaches- MicroFocus has a dedicated solution for DevOps-Octane.

#19 Testflo For Jira

Last but not least, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to testing data is to ensure its availability. As you’ve seen, test data must be available, timely, valid, and realistic. Ensuring all of those requirements is often a big challenge. Test Data Management is the process of providing automated tests the data they need. The TDM process has to ensure the availability of test data, making sure test cases have access to the data in the right amounts, formats, and timing. Best for someone who is looking for a test case management tool with unlimited users that does not impact the subscription plan.

List of test management tools

Most of the products on the market are built to fit with other tools that you now use. Testing tools assist the testing process through cooperation, communication, and data analysis to be refined. While you know why should companies switch to automation testing, the TestFlo tool offers no support for automation or integration with Selenium. An integrated bug tracker offers traceability and underlying requirements to a single failed test case. The information about the requirements is sent to the developers to make corrections accordingly. TestCollab can help you govern and manage your test process and increase the productivity of your testers.

Its aim is to help companies improve the quality of their products through effective and efficient testing. An immense range of third-party combinations with standard bug trackers, tools of automation, and sturdy API for the rest. Many companies are currently using Excel to manage their testing and are looking for a more professional and scalable solution.


Additionally, Quality Center has built-in live analysis graphs and health reports and options to create more custom reports. QMetry is a digital quality platform and test management tool. It helps you manage end-to-end testing, requirements and test execution. It comes with additional test automation support and integration with various issue tracking and development tools. It also features granular project reporting, test analytics and dashboard gadgets. It is configurable and customizable at many levels and includes version control for test assets.

Reviewer ‘Stan B’ says that PractiTest is “An effective tool for test management”. Eliminate repetitive work, enable your team to focus on what really matters and improve productivity. Appventurez is a well known mobile app development company in the USA and India that works to build strong, long-lasting relations with its clients in different locations. You can monitor and simplify the process by monitoring tasks, problems, and testing outcomes in one application. Built to improve QA production, the fire tool of QMetry includes a range of tools such as Jira, LDAP, SAML and CI/CD. Chaos Monkey is a piece of code that creates chaos on purpose in a production setting.

Test management is the process of taking your project’s requirements, building a test plan, writing the tests, planning the test activities and capturing the results. Apart from all these test management and QA tools, there are a few more test data management tools comparison tools with limited features. Most of these tools provide just test case management and integrate bug tracking via an external tool. HP QC has been the most used test management software; it has all the features necessary in many ways.

  • The software includes all of the required test management functions, including test design, execution, tracking, and reporting.
  • Also directly submit test automation results from CI pipelines, build systems and dev environments.
  • Keep in mind that “quality” in this context means that the data has to meet the expectations of the tests.
  • A customizable dashboard gives the option to structure your perspective as you see fit.

Browse our guides and manuals for all our products and addons. Theqalead.com needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. It consolidates the execution report and gives us visual insights. It enables you to perform the automated Test without any hassle.

What Are The Benefits Of A Test Management Tool?

Available as both a cloud hosted service or on premise solution, it has a unique license model based on concurrent logins and not the number of registered users. SpiraTest is the most feature-rich and easy to use test management solution on the market today. SpiraTest offers world-class test management that adapts to your methodology , workflow, DevOps toolchain, and reporting needs.

List of test management tools

Our tools integrate with over 50 different applications to help you work smarter and faster. Integrate with your favourite tools, customize roles, reports, filters and more. Price is affordable and flexible to suit large and small teams alike. You should select one https://globalcloudteam.com/ of the best test management tools that offer features like live chat, phone calls, FAQs, raising help desk tickets, etc. It provides real-time visibility into the quality of your application. Our top pick is a tool quite unlike the traditional options below.

It is a technique for determining whether or not production is operating as planned. A code that purposefully injects failures, on the other hand, might cause issues in an environment, such as causing a web server to crash. One of the most significant benefits of utilizing a bug tracking system is the ability to fix the problem that has been discovered.

What Are The Advantages Of Using A Test Case Management Tool?

The process of managing testing activities in order to provide high-quality and end-to-end testing of software applications is known as test management. In order to produce a high-quality software application, the approach entails planning, managing, guaranteeing traceability, and visibility of the testing process. It guarantees that the software testing process is carried out as planned. Testpad is an online test management tool used for both large and small projects. It uses a natural and easy-to-learn checklist-style approach, enabling quicker writing and running of tests.

List of test management tools

A Test Case Management tool is a software to manage the tests. TestCaseLab enables you to create, manage, and organize test cases and suites within an optimized user interface and application structure. TestCaseLab Test Case Management Tool is a cutting-edge web tool for manual QA engineers.

How Do I Choose A Test Management Tool?

Incidents can be viewed on the incident lists making it easier to address testing issues. There are many integrations included with TestCollab for tools such as Jira, Pivotal Tracker, Redmine, Lighthouse, FogBugz, Unfuddle, Mantis, Assembla, Youtrack, Trello, and more. There is also bi-directional integration for Jira and Redmine so that you can create and manage test cases through the issue manager. The dashboard can be customized for individual users to provide an overview of the information that’s most relevant to their role. Visualization options and analytics help to bring to highlight any trends that you need to be aware of.

We not only offer services or solutions to our valuable customers but also give them a better insight into the development and technology world. Now is the time to do so with the right platform and best idea that can help you grow and thrive. User-defined reports can be generated according to your own requirements. Requirements can be set up directly or dynamically synchronized with external tools. Enables you to add new tests during a testing as you come up with them.

Qmetry Test Management

With the right tools, you can ensure the test cases in your organization get access to the data they need, enabling your testing strategy to go smoothly. As you’ve just seen, test data needs to meet many requirements to be used effectively and safely in a test strategy. On a small enough scale, you might be able to get away with doing all of this manually. However, as your organization’s testing needs start to grow, it quickly becomes overwhelming to manage the required data without help. If you feed your test cases with poor quality data, don’t act surprised when you get less than stellar results. Keep in mind that “quality” in this context means that the data has to meet the expectations of the tests.

Cloud Services

Connect the characteristics of the Test Cycles and Sprints. Burndown charts and test boards can be used to keep track of status and quality indicators. Concentrate only on the aspects of quality and teamwork that you require. Maintain a complete history of modifications to guarantee data integrity which is mentioned in the essential mobile app backend development guide. Increase reusability using test data, parameters, and shared stages, and avoid duplication.

The software offers a ton of integrations with other services like Jira, Bamboo, and Jenkins. Integrations make the program easy to adapt to your environment and the tools you use. You can even use the qTest API to build your own integrations, giving you complete control over how the software merges with your current processes.

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